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T42 silent series diaphragm pump

The new four chamber PA pump head design can meet the water supply of 3-4 faucets at the same time. It is equipped with automatic start stop function, eliminating the trouble of frequent switch plugging. Low noise and quiet, running like a fan

Large flow acid and alkali resistant, brushless pure copper motor, which can operate continuously for 24 hours, with 8 built-in models. According to different liquids, different support valves and pump heads are selected for synthesis and modification to meet the requirements of pumping different liquids

FL-550 acid and alkali resistant self-priming pump


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Ningde Haina Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is located in "Ningde Fu 'an", the capital of small and medium-sized motors and appliances of East Fujian Province. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and marketing of electric diaphragm pumps, acid and alkali resistant pumps, high-pressure pumps, self-suction pumps, sewage pumps, gear pumps and other series of special water pumps. This is a professional enterprise which integrates "technology-industry-trade".

Ningde Haina Pump Industry Co., Ltd

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